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Your address in china - Free!
After the Registration (free), you will receive your unique mail address in China, This address is in the CSS warehouse address.
This address, can be transferred to all of your  suppliers / manufacturers in China, as your office address in China, where they can send all the packages / samples for you.
You can present yourself or your company as a leading importer (only very large importers or large companies have a local office in China!).
This service you get for free!
An example of how this address looks like:
David Gorge (Your name)
Paper Products Marketing ltd (Your company name)
Room 15A-001235 (your uniq mailbox in our warehouse address) Xijing Ge,Xihu Garden,Luohu District,Shenzhen,China
The same address you will also receive in the Chinese language,
So you can transfer to your local provider also your Chinese-language address, If you wish.
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